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February 19
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KKT: Bailey Prescott by eto-nyan KKT: Bailey Prescott by eto-nyan
► General Identification

Name: Bailey Prescott

Gender: She's designated male at birth, also known as transgender.
Age: 20
Birthday: 2/19/xx

Species: Cat 
Breed: Snowshoe 

Occupation: Novella's Wardrobe Employee

► Personal Information

Personality: | Bashful | Quirky | Nervous | Giddy | Childish | Timid | Girly | Defensive | Quick to upset |

Bashful: She's shy around new people, that's for sure, but she's hoping for a new start in this town and is also hoping to overcome her unconfident nature.

Quirky: Bailey has some pretty strange habits... Like, for one, if she's had a long day at work and is alone on the bus and feels like she doesn't need to impress anyone, she'll eat some of the pudding she stuffs in her bra.

Giddy: This kitty loves surprises and gets right into pestering kid mode when she knows some one is hiding something.

Nervous: She basically got kicked out of her old home for being trans, so she lets very few people know her little secret. She just feels much more comfortable in women's clothing, much more like herself, and she's afraid to get those strange disapproving looks from others.

Childish: When she gets in petty fights with others, she gets very immature and is hard to make her see reason.

Timid: She's pretty shy around new people, so she'll sometimes turn down social events if she doesn't feel confident enough.

Girly: She's just always been that way, she always thought her mom was the most beautiful person in the world, what with the amazing dresses she wore, and sometimes she'd try them on too. Of course, she'd get scolded so she quit the habit in public until she graduated high school.

Defensive: Bailey will not have her little secret revealed to anyone, so if anyone says anything about her being boyish, she immediately shoots down the idea, and usually the next day she'll wear makeup or something extremely girly just to prove her point. Also, she won't stand to have her pride or feelings hurt.

Quick to upset: Sometimes someone will say something she finds insensitive or she'll just take it the wrong way so she'll almost immediately get snappy.

History: Bailey was from a family that was well-enough off, at least, they could get things they wanted. Her mother always owned the prettiest dresses and jewelry and her father had his own dream car. She had one older brother who was the apple of her parents' eyes. Her older brother was a jock and Bailey was, well, the opposite. Even as a kid, she'd dress up in her mother's clothes, put on her makeup and pearls then parade around the house. At first, it was cute, but the habit was soon snuffed out when her father happened to catch his son putting on girl panties. School always felt so awkward for the boy, she behaved and even looked like a girl so of course she was bullied. All of her friends were girls and they were more supportive than anyone, that is until Bailey started developing crushes on boys her friends were into. It took just one side comment, but suddenly she was out of the circle. And just as quickly, she renounced her claims to being gay (at around 12; later on her friends would come to accept her.) Around this time, she didn't like herself, it went all the way until her graduation day for her to realize her feelings. She talked it over with her parents, her dad being disgusted but her mother as loving as she always have been. The tomcat soon realized she needed to leave if she was to ever grow as a person, so as soon as she saved up enough money for an apartment's first month of rent, food, and transportation, she was off. She's hoping that in Kitty Katty town, she'll be able to have a clean slate. 

+ Cute things ie bows, ribbons, cute little furry animals, hats, dresses, stockings, etc.
+ Kids
+ Cosplay/anime/manga
+ Men
+ Fashionable people

- Anyone judging her.
- Snoopy people.
- Perverts.
- Being alone
- Having too many people around

Talents: She's taken up an interest in fashion design, though she's not the best at sewing yet. She likes to draw, she's not the best, but not bad either *specializes in model drawings

Flaws: She gives up pretty easily and tends to not really believe in herself.

► Additional Information

- She's still a virgin, never even been kissed. 
- She can't afford breast implants like she wants so for now she uses bags of pudding to get the same sort of feeling (it's better than toilet paper.) which is also why she generally wears baggy shirts.
- To be added to as I RP with her~

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